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Taxes can be one of the most significant expenses in your long-term financial journey. Our aim is to help you navigate this crucial aspect of your financial plan with confidence and expertise.

Income Tax Planning

At Gaynes Financial Services, we do not offer tax preparation services directly; instead, we collaborate with our clients and their tax professionals to assess the potential tax implications of diverse financial planning strategies. Our goal is to support our clients in making informed decisions that align with their unique financial goals and objectives.

Investment Tax Planning

At Gaynes Financial Services, we understand that different investment approaches can result in different tax outcomes. However, we firmly believe that investment decisions should be guided by their inherent value and potential returns first, with tax considerations being a secondary factor. This approach ensures that your financial choices are based on their long-term potential rather than solely focused on short-term tax benefits.

Estate Tax Planning

At Gaynes Financial Services, we recognize that estate taxes typically begin where income taxes end, often with higher starting rates than the highest income tax bracket. Given the ever-evolving landscape of estate tax exclusions and brackets, devising strategies to minimize or avoid these taxes can significantly benefit your loved ones and the causes closest to your heart. Our goal is to help you navigate these complexities and secure your legacy for those who matter most to you.

Transaction Tax Planning

At Gaynes Financial Services, we often assist clients who are preparing for substantial transactions, such as selling a business or a significant real estate property. By carefully planning the optimal structure for these transactions, we can make a meaningful difference for the individuals and families involved in these life-changing events. Our expertise and guidance ensure that you navigate these complex situations with confidence and financial foresight.

LPL Financial and Gaynes Financial Services do not offer tax advice or services.

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