The following article originally appeared here on the Stoddard Media blog, written by Peter Stoddard. We love the fact that Peter sees our potential, and we’re grateful he took the time to write about us!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Super Hero help you plan your financial future? Not necessarily one from another planet, but a mortal human with Super Power skills?

You need not wonder any longer.

Image of businessman flying with company as chest symbol | Gaynes Financial Services

We all know it is unwise to spit on Superman’s cape. It is equally unwise to risk your economic destiny with just any earthly adviser.

Fortunately, Gaynes Financial Services is here to save the day.

The Gaynes Financial Services team is a powerful force for good in this world. They offer expertise and focused attention to clients who wish managing their financial life was simpler. These people are the guardians of your wealth galaxy.

Gaynes Financial Services never calls themselves GFS, but we will occasionally do so here because we are up against a deadline and running out of space.

GFS is independent but not alone. Gaynes Financial Services is a founding member of Integrated Financial Group, an Atlanta-based consortium of independent financial planners from across the country.

In other words, a larger super power team supports the GFS super power team.

The champions at GFS serve individuals, families, businesses and institutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, they work with clients across the United States and are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Gaynes Financial Services believes that no one can accurately predict future security prices of market sectors or asset classes, or accurately time the market. Wall Street firms and their advisors may tell you otherwise because it is in their shareholders’ best interests, not their clients’.

This is where GFS extraordinary vision comes in.

GFS shares extensive resources, putting their wealth of knowledge at your disposal wherever you may be. Do you need a will? Do you need a trust? What defines a solid financial foundation? This information is more powerful than a locomotive.

You may need the latest information, and the GFS blog provides it.

Lessons for the next crisis, planning for college tuition, whether to rent your fun or buy it, even lottery tickets. You can learn about these and more. Here you can gain knowledge faster than a speeding bullet.

With great power comes great responsibility.

To learn more about Gaynes Financial Services awesome capabilities call David Gaynes at 770-353-6350.